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February 2018 - High Point Market

Future So Cool

New-to-Market exhibitors express modern attitudes


Based in Los Angeles and NYC, designers Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone will show at their first High Point Market as Consort, a new furniture resource that speaks to the pragmatically hip. The 44-item collection was born as the social media-obsessed pair uncovered an opportunity in the marketplace for “comfortable and accessible” furnishings. It’s just what their Hollywood A-list interior design clientele was looking for. Consort upholstery, tables and case goods will debut in InterHall this spring. If it’s good enough for Jessica Alba, Jimmy Kimmel and Nicole Richie, then sign us up.


The Sobro was designed by the team at StoreBound, a product innovation company. Launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in March of 2017, Sobro was a runaway success with well over 2,000 backers pledging upwards of $1.5 million to bring the multi-functional cocktail table to life. Designed for the digital lifestyle, this may be the future for a whole collection of smart-home inspired furnishings. The maverick design team is currently at work bringing the next generation of connected furniture from concept to reality.

Vita Copenhagen

Danish brand Vita Copenhagen plots its trajectory into home furnishings and accessories with its North American furniture collection debut at High Point Market in April. The company draws inspiration from the natural beauty of its native Scandinavian landscape to create designs for urban living, Vita Copenhagen is committed to clever packaging solutions and to managing their environmental footprint. The new furnishings collection is a welcome progression from the company’s stylish and versatile lighting offering to products for the whole home.

Media Contacts

Consort - David Groene
Sobro - Glenn De Stefano
Vita Copenhagen - Jonas Hahn-Petersen