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Remix. Refresh. Reimagine.

Our friends at Luxe Interiors + Design previewed some fall 2020 introductions from their favorite exhibitors, and found some that they just had to shine the spotlight on. Get this first look at how some of our high end brands are remixing, refreshing, and reimagining for the fall 2020 season.

What is #HPMKTsafe?

From extending Market to nine days divided into three periods to enhanced cleaning and sanitation, building in social distancing, limiting capacity, and monitoring staff and attendee health, we are incorporating all CDC, State of North Carolina, Guilford County, and City of High Point guidelines. Plus, we are working with state and local health officials to make sure we’re up to date with the latest best practices. Your well being is our top priority – and we look forward to seeing you at Market, October 13-21!

Anticipation Zooming

Looking forward to Fall Market, Business of Home’s Dennis Sculley checked in with designers Mikel Welch (also of HGTV and Murder House Flip fame), and Jeremiah Young, lead designer at Kibler & Kirch to talk about the trends they’re expecting to see in High Point’s showrooms, their must-sees, why they can’t wait to get back, and why they’re planning starts way in advance of opening day.

Fall 2020 Remix

Dennis Scully of Business of Home gathers via video chat with Beth Webb, Josh Greene, and Barry Goralnick about their Spring Market launches that will now be making their debuts this fall, as well as a preview of some much-anticipated new collections from a few of their favorite designer friends.

Style Spotters LIVE!

Our 2020 Style Spotters kept their eyes focused forward as they took a digital deep dive into this spring’s product debuts in our special May 14 web event. Each came up with a collection of favorites to share with you – and was excited to share some of the emerging trends they see taking shape.

Something We’ve Wanted To Say

There is no one here who remembers the last time High Point Market was cancelled (that was during WWII, when the building now known as IHFC Main was requisitioned by the US Army as a records center), but we sure do remember how much we enjoy seeing all of our guests here, every April and October. So, as we prepare for our restructured-for-safety, Fall 2020 event, we just want you to know that we’re thinking of you – and looking forward to seeing you in October!

#HPMKTmemory Shares

Making new friends, catching up with folks we only ever seem to see in High Point, collaborating on roundtables and panel discussions, meeting our industry's stars, and discovering the latest and greatest together – it seems like the best Market memories are always about people. Thanks to all our friends who shared some fun Market moments via our social media channels – here's to the next time we're all together!

Hello From High Point

On Tuesday, April 28, Interior Design Community founder Laurie Laizure teamed up with industry consultant Cheminne Taylor-Smith, designer Christi Barbour, media specialist Dawn Brinson, Designers Today editor Jane Dagmi, Neil MacKenzie of Universal Furniture and Comer Wear of the Rock House Farm Family of Brands to discuss the current state of business, what moving forward looks like, and the silver linings in today’s cloudy climate. The session opens with a greeting from High Point Market Authority director of marketing, Ashley Grigg.

Faces of High Point Market: Alexa Hampton

Regularly named to Architectural Digest’s AD100, House Beautiful’s Top Designer list, and Elle Decor’s A-List, Alexa Hampton is unarguably one of today's leading designers. Her firm is sought for projects ranging from expansive country residences to urban apartments to private airplanes. Her global reach extends from New York City to Hangzhou, China. Here, she explains why every April and October finds her in High Point, North Carolina, at the creative hub of the design world.

Sneak Peek: Spring 2020

If you’re looking forward to seeing the fruits of the latest designer / manufacturer collaborations, you can get the inside track on some highly anticipated partnerships here. We checked in on four designers who together have seven collaborations set to launch in Spring 2020. Get your first look now at exciting new lines from Sasha Bikoff and Currey & Co., Barclay Butera and Jaipur Living, Stacy Garcia with Comfort Design and Klaussner Outdoor, Mark D. Sikes for Chaddock, and Carrier & Company for Lee Jofa and Visual Comfort.

Style Spotters 2020 Trend Predictions

Peering into the future, our 2020 team of home fashions experts reveal the causes, colors, patterns, materials, and attitudes that taste is moving toward. They also note a few looks that never go out of style, and will continue to be a part of our homes as the future unfolds.

What Brings You To High Point Market?

Now that Dina Lamanna of HOK, star designers Kelli Ellis and Blanche Garcia, Sonya Haffey of V Stars Interiors, and Mark Friesen of Bayer Brown have discovered High Point Market, they wouldn’t miss it. Find out why.

What Should Bring Others To High Point Market

The synergy that only happens when all of the right people are in the same place. A whole city filled with fabulous products, just waiting to be explored. New ideas, expert insights, inspirations, and ahas! These are just some of what hospitality industry leaders are finding at the world’s leading home furnishings show.

Take A Tour

For first time visitors, the High Point Market VIP Experience not only introduces you to a curated selection of showrooms, it also introduces you to the people you’ll want to work with when you get back home. And even frequent Market flyers get great value out of guided tours of specific categories and styles, from experts with deep knowledge of those fields. So, whether this is your first Market or your 50th, see how even a quick tour can enrich your Market experience.

Meet the 2020 Style Spotters Team

Keynote Series: Socialnomics

In his Fall Market Keynote, Forbes Top 100 Digital Influencer Erik Qualman took a deep dive into the powerful concept of Socialnomics. Now that Word-of-Mouth is on digital steroids and has transformed into World-of-Mouth, organizations must learn the new rules of social, mobile, and beyond, or they will miss this once-in-a-generation opportunity to earn customers' loyalty and drive long-term success. See Qualman show how Socialnomics is the key to winning customers' hearts, minds, and wallets.

Keynote Series: Harnessing The Brand-building Power Of TV

Hilary Farr, Libby Landon, and Mikel Welch all have two things in common. They’re designers, and they have successfully used TV to build their brands. In this panel discussion, TV host Evette Rios leads them in a conversation about why TV exposure matters, how to tell if it’s right for you, and how you can use this powerful medium to build your brand, make more money, and acquire more clients.

Style Spotters Trend Tours: Laura Thurman

Product designers are pulling inspiration from around the world, turning some of High Point’s showrooms into multicultural, cross-cultural, intercultural, and totally unique experiences. Here, Style Spotter Laura Thurman outlines the boundaries of the Global Aesthetic, and guides you to a few of her favorite stops in the journey toward an authentic and personal style, informed by an expanded range of influences.

Style Spotters Trend Tours: Erinn Valencich

For Erinn Valencich, lighting is the element that makes or breaks the design. Not only do the pieces themselves have to be beautiful, they have to cast light in a way that brings all of the elements together in harmony. So, when she comes to High Point, lighting showrooms are high on her list. Here, she takes you through a few that are always on her must-see list.

Style Spotters Trend Tours: Courtney McLeod

Whether you’re looking for glam and sparkle, small batch fabrics, handmade wallpaper, or a maker who can create whatever you can imagine, Courtney McLeod knows where to find a few of them. In this video Trend Tour, she takes you right to their High Point showrooms.

Faces of High Point Market: Bienenstock Furniture Library

Its shelves hold more than 5,000 volumes of furniture and design ideas and history. Its rare books date back to 1543, and include an original manuscript by Chippendale. The full span of its collection puts six centuries of furniture and design leaders work at your fingertips. Plus, the building and its grounds offer an excellent venue for meetings and small gatherings. Join Russell Bienenstock and executive director Karla Webb for an introduction to this marvelous and inspiring resource, located just a few blocks from the Market District.

Becoming Bobby Berk

Driven by a lifelong passion for design, Bobby Berk’s career has touched almost every facet of the home furnishings and design industries. Known more recently for his work on "Queer Eye" as the lovable go-to design expert, Bobby’s career began in retail and e-commerce and took a turn through brick & mortar retail, before he established his own design firm. Bobby’s varied experiences, keen eye and innovative approach have allowed him to build a unique brand identity and establish himself as a global design leader. In this casual conversation with Sophie Donelson, Bobby talks about his successes and lessons learned, offers advice, and reveals the inside story behind the Bobby Berk brand.

Tales, Trivia, and Trends with Thom, Carson, and Michel

Combine bigger-than-life personalities, three unique paths to design stardom and a mash-up of trend-tracking trivia, and you get a whole lot of laughs and great insights. In this session, journalist and tastemaker Clinton Smith leads Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley, and Michel Smith Boyd on a rollicking exploration of design ideas and insider info, plus a look at rising and fading home fashion trends.

Lessons from A Well-Designed Business®

As host of the podcast, A Well-Designed Business®, LuAnn Nigara engages industry leaders in thoughtful conversations to help interior design professionals create more profitable and productive businesses. Here, she shares some of the insights she has learned in those conversations, offers an overview of critical topics for running an interior design business, and delivers a few action items you can use to start improving your practice now.

How To Do Market: An Insider’s View

Don’t be that person who steps off the bus at the Transportation Terminal only to realize you’re in a whole city filled with showrooms – and you have no idea where to start. Let former Style Spotters Jeanne Chung and Lisa Mende – and the High Point Market’s own Ashley Grigg – tell you how to have a great Market from before you leave home till after you get back. Oh, and if you want the inside skinny on what it takes to be a Style Spotter, they’ll give you that, too.

Faces of High Point Market: Riley Griffiths

Forty-eight years of coming to Market have taught Riley Griffiths a lot about how furniture companies stay at the top of their game. Thinking his whole team could benefit from seeing everything that goes into the products they sell, he shut down the store and brought everyone – from the warehouse to front of the house – with him on his Fall 2018 Market trip – and came away more convinced than ever that this is the Market everyone in our industry must experience.

Faces Of High Point Market: Denise McGaha

Building her Design With A Deadline brand on efficient execution that delivers style and luxury with speed and alacrity, Denise McGaha is one of the design world’s true innovators. As she moves her business into product licensing, she finds High Point the perfect place to search out her own aesthetic, debut her signature lines, and build a professional network that feels like family.

Faces Of High Point Market: George Snead

When George Snead comes to Market, he doesn’t come alone. He brings a contingent of designers he serves at his Wakefield Design Center locations in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT. Some are first-time visitors, some have been making the trip with George for years. All will tell you that the inspirations and connections they make in High Point have a transformative effect on their businesses.

Faces of High Point Market: Gary Inman

In High Point, Gary Inman can see more products than at any other show on earth. That alone would be a huge advantage. But even better, he gets to meet with each supplier’s executive team.

Faces Of High Point Market: Sandra Nash

Specializing in show homes for builders, Toronto-based designer Sandra Nash creates lifestyle stages that allow people to see themselves living in her clients’ homes. Importing more than $1 million of furniture each year, she comes to High Point to gain a competitive edge in product sourcing, and to develop business relationships that can only be built at the Market that sets the tone for the whole industry.

The Faces of High Point Market: Sophie Donelson

When you lead the editorial team for America’s largest and most established home magazine, you travel the world to tell the stories that help people live more beautifully at home. Find out why High Point Market is one show Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief at House Beautiful, never misses – and always looks forward to visiting.

Faces of High Point Market: Ridvan Tatargil

When you walk through the Elm St. entrance to Suites at Market Square, those happy people you see to your right are likely enjoying one of the many fun events at the Eastern Accents showroom. Hear why company owner Ridvan Tatargil chooses High Point as the place to share his passion for home furnishings, launch his latest lines, and brighten everyone’s day with his ever-present smile.

Faces of High Point Market: Ron Fiore

With an expansive showroom that allows buyers to experience the full scope of Century’s capabilities, Ron Fiore spends a lot of time thinking about how to create great product. When the show opens, though, he finds that Market is all about people, building long-lasting business relationships, and creating magical moments.

The Faces of High Point Market: Transportation Team

It takes about 230 people to make sure your free airport, hotel, Park & Ride, showroom, and Go-anywhere shuttle is there when you need it. They all love making sure the one thing you don’t have to worry about is getting around Market, and they also look forward to seeing many of our regular guests every spring and fall. Meet some of the folks who enjoy adding a touch of small-town southern hospitality to our world-leading home fashion event.

The Faces of High Point Market: Libby Langdon

The creative force behind her New York firm, Libby Langdon Interiors, and star of the NBC TV series, Daykeover, Libby Langdon is sure to attend High Point Market every spring and fall. Find out why this her hometown Market remains such an important part of her life - and her growing business.

The Faces of High Point Market: Hilmar Starcke

When it comes to making buying decisions, there just is no substitute for actually seeing, touching, and fully experiencing the pieces you’re about to place in your store. That’s one of the main reasons Hilmar Starcke makes sure he makes it to the “mecca of Markets,” season after season. Hear how it pays off, as he shares one of his High Point Market success stories.

Now! There’s An Idea.

From thoughts shared in casual conversations with colleagues to power-packed seminars by industry stars, inspirations gained while browsing showrooms, and getting the first look at the latest trends – see some of the great new ideas uncovered at High Point Market.

Now! You’re Connected.

We asked a few Market attendees about the people they meet in High Point, and they all told us that if you want to make connections that can build your success, this is the place to be. From leading brands and artisan makers to thought leaders and design stars to business owners who are working to solve the same challenges you face every day, you’ll find everyone you want to know better right here.

Style Spotters: Meet The 2019 Team

Shayla Copas of Little Rock, Arkansas; Kara Cox from Greensboro, North Carolina; Cynthia Ferguson of Toronto, Canada; Boston’s Eric Haydel; Houston’s Benjamin Johnston; Courtney McLeod of New York, New York; Nashville’s Laura Thurman; and Erinn Valencich of Beverly Hills, California are ready to tour you through the most fabulous home fashions of 2019. Plus, Style Spotters Alumni Gary Inman, from Richmond, Virginia’s Baskervill and Shay Geyr of IBB Design in Frisco, Texas team up as our new team’s new advisors.

Get To The Point

Plug into all things Market at The Point. To find any showroom or event, just ask one of our on-site advisors. Join a roundtable discussion to gain insider tips from industry leaders. Connect with some of the biggest names in home fashion at our fun, informal meet and greet sessions. Open every day of Market Week, we’re conveniently located on Commerce Avenue, next to the main Transportation Terminal.

It’s All About Education

From the showrooms to the seminars, to informal gatherings with colleagues and peers, retails and design professionals find a nearly endless source of inspiration at Market. Whether you’re interested in the latest trends, better ways to run your business, or meeting the people who can bring your ideas to life, be sure to make seminars and events part of your Market planning.

Jake Jabs, Celebrating 100 Markets

Every spring and fall since he started his furniture career in the 1960s, Market has been a must for Jake Jabs. After opening American Furniture Warehouse in 1975, Jake saw High Point grow in importance, both to his business and the entire industry. Today, it’s the place where he can accomplish more than at any other furniture show in the world – the place where the action is.

Network & Play: Connecting At Market

With up to 15 parties happening each night at Market, there is always someplace to meet the movers and shakers in home fashion. In this gem from our video archives, the Jamie Drake launch at Theodore Alexander, the Galerie magazine party at Bernhardt, and The Mine after-party at the Proximity Hotel’s Printworks Bistro were just a few of the highlights.

Ideas Power Growth At Market

Exploring the seminars of Fall Market, Jaye Anna Mize discovers the latest best practices in business management, new ways to use color, exciting new technologies, and a data-based look at what consumers will be wanting next. For a look at the ideas and inspirations coming to the next Market, keep your eye on the Events section of highpointmarket.org.

Product Hunt: Badgley Mischka

Mark Badgley and James Mischka built their stellar reputations on the red carpets of Hollywood awards shows. Now, in their latest venture, Badgley Mischka Home, they come to High Point to present a gorgeous collection of glamorous furnishings. When they’re not minding their own showroom, they like to explore the Aladdin’s Cave of Market, where they find a treasure chest of everything you could ever want for your home.

Let’s Explore

With more than 2,000 exhibitors spread over 13 city blocks, you know you haven’t seen all there is to Market. But where do you start? And how? Start with our Field Guide. Available at every Information Booth, The Point, and in many exhibitor showrooms, this handy booklet breaks Market down into 8 neighborhoods, and shows you some of the major multi-tenant buildings, exhibitors, fun spots, and places to eat.

What Does Market Mean To You?

A place to meet friends, catch the trends, network, get inspired, see what’s possible - and do an incredible amount of business. Those are just some of the reasons industry leaders gave us when we asked, “What does High Point mean to you?”

What Is High Point Market?

Find out what makes High Point Market the must-see event in home furnishings. Experience just some of the energy and excitement that makes Market Week fashion week for home furnishings.

Great Brands. Great Products. Great People.

There really is nowhere else on earth where you can see this many exhibitors, experience all of the latest new products, uncover the ideas that are shaping home fashion, and meet the people who move our industry forward.